How Do I…
Make An Appointment?

Consultations with the doctors, the practice nurses and attached health professionals are by appointment only. Appointments can be made either by telephoning your surgery, or by calling at the surgery in person. For routine doctors’ appointments, please call reception in good time to enable us to offer you an appointment at a time suitable for you with the doctor of your choice.

Appointments are for 10 minutes and for one person only. If you have a number of problems please make a double appointment. If you cannot keep an appointment, please let us know; a wasted appointment means a longer wait for others.

If you feel you need to be seen urgently outline of your problem, and your contact details will be taken by the receptionist. A Screening Nurse will call you back to enable you to access the most appropriate clinical support. Please ring as early as possible.

If the doctor refers you for an outpatient appointment this may be booked at a time and date of your choosing. This is known as the ‘Choose and Book’ system.


In life-threatening emergencies such as severe bleeding, collapse,
unconsciousness or acute chest pains, please telephone 999
for an ambulance before you call the surgery.

How Do I..
Obtain A Home Visit?

You cannot insist that a GP visits you at home.  A GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition requires it. A GP can also decide how urgently a visit is needed. Due to increasing demand GPs can no longer automatically visit any patient who requests a home visit. All visits must now be triaged and dealt with according to clinical need

Patients who are housebound may be visited in their homes. Visits should be arranged by phoning the surgery before 10.30am. Please be ready to give the receptionist your name, address, telephone number, age and brief details of what is wrong.  Please only request home visits if you are incapable to attending the surgery.  Whenever possible, try and come into the surgery as facilities here are far better for examination and treatment.  It helps us to judge the urgency of the call if you describe the symptoms.  The receptionists are trained to deal with your call so do expect to be asked.   All information is confidential.  The doctor may telephone prior to, or instead of, visiting.

Sick children should always be brought into the surgery; it is not appropriate for a visit.   We rarely visit children at home as a responsible adult should be available to bring them to the surgery.

GP’s are not obliged to visit a patient if they have assessed the patient’s clinical need on the telephone and found them to be suitable for an alternative method of healthcare.

Please remember that we can see several people at the surgery in the time it takes to do a home visit – so please do not request a visit for convenience or lack of transport.

Evening and weekend appointments..


As part of a collaboration with other practices in our locality, if you cannot get an appointment at our practice and you are unable to wait, then a number of early evening and Saturday morning appointments are now being made available at a “hub practice” in West Norfolk.

Note: This will not be with your regular GP and would be at a different practice.


How do I access the service?

The provision of this service is available to patient who are registered with one of the 21 surgeries within West Norfolk.

Appointments are made by calling your own GP Surgery and are available to patients on equal footing to appointments within regular surgery hours.

What appointments are available?

We offer appointments Monday to Friday from 6:30pm – 8pm, on Saturdays 8am – 1 pm and on Sundays 9am – 12pm.

What conditions can be treated?

A mixture of routine and pre-bookable and same day appointments for general consultation.

Patients who cannot be seen:

  • Babies under 12 weeks old
  • Pregnancy-related problems
  • Severe mental health problems
  • Patients identified with a potentially life-threatening medical condition which requires referral to urgent or emergency care settings
  • Walk-in patients

Please ask for more details when you speak to one our reception team.

How Do I..
Obtain Test Results?

Most tests (blood tests, ECG, X-rays, smears) are done either in the surgery, at the Swaffham Community Hospital or at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn.

Please bring samples to the surgery before 11.30am as they are sent to the hospital at 12 noon.

The results of different tests take varying lengths of time to come back. Please telephone reception for results between 2.30 and 4.00pm. To maintain confidentiality, results will only be given to the patient concerned or, if under 16 years, a parent or guardian.

How Do I….
Change My Contact Details?

If you change your address or telephone number, please notify reception and complete the necessary form. If you change your name you will be asked to provide proof of your new name by producing a copy of your marriage certificate or Deed Poll certificate.

SMS Appointment reminders (MJOG) 

The surgery offers a text messaging reminder service to all patients.  It enables us to send out appointment booking details and reminders direct to your mobile.   If you DO NOT wish to receive reminders please let the reception team know that you wish to OPT OUT.