New Reminder Service



During September we will be introducing an SMS reminder system to the surgery. It’s called MJOG and it interfaces with our clinical system to ensure a full audit trail between SMS messages and our patient records.

We will be using the system to send appointment confirmations and reminders along with other notifications and health related communications.which we hope our patients will find useful.

Before we commence using the system for appointment reminders we will send a text message to every patient for whom we have a mobile phone number. This text will be to inform them that we will soon be starting to send them SMS messages appropriate to their care. It will give them the opportunity to opt out of all future messages simply by replying to the text. Patients who opt out in this way will be able to opt-in again at any point.

Children and Young Adults

Parents of children under 11 will be able to add their mobile phone number against their child’s record in order to receive reminders and notifications but this will be removed when the child reaches the age of 11. For reasons of confidentiality we are unable to allow a parent to record their mobile phone number against a child aged between 11-16.

What do I need to do know.

We won’t be able to send you SMS reminders if we don’t have your current mobile number. You can add/update this via the Patient Access app or by calling into the surgery.

If you don’t want to receive SMS notifications then you can wait until we send out the introductory SMS message in September and reply to that. Alternatively you can call the surgery and let us know and we will update your record accordingly.

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